Property Restorations LLC is a part of a regional group of investors that buys and sell properties. Most notably known as a real estate development firm specializing in renovating and developing residential homes and buildings throughout Baltimore.

We create sustainable and exciting places to live with a strong emphasis on upstanding building practices. Our properties range from high-end contemporary design to affordable living to authentic historic preservation.



We are constantly looking for houses, buildings and vacant lots to purchase and develop. We concentrate on Baltimore properties in all neighborhoods throughout the county. 


If you are interested in purchasing a property, we have various projects nearing completion for you to consider. We could be the next step in helping you finding your dream home. 


We provide several solutions and fresh inventory for anyone not quite ready to purchase but still looking for there next residence.



We provide outstanding products and services through dedication to the following principles:

  • COMMITMENT | Standing by our investors, partners and buyers from conception to completion

  • INTEGRITY | Building with only high-quality materials and proven construction methods

  • INNOVATION | Creating unique and exciting places to live

  • CONSISTENCY |  Maintaining the same high standards for each project